How to De-Pet Your Apt and Recover Your Security Deposit

When it comes time for you to move out of your current apartment, you want to get as much of your security deposit back as you possibly can. Dogs and cats can leave odors and stains within an apartment. If the apartment smells like a dog or a cat was inside, or if there are visible stains and pet hair everywhere, you probably won’t get much of the pet deposit back.

After the apartment moving service leaves, but before the landlord comes for the inspection, it is important that you follow a few helpful steps to make the apartment more presentable. It may cost a little bit to get the apartment in good shape, but the cost won’t compare to losing your deposit. Here are the top apartment de-petting tips from Cheap Denver moving companies:

Getting Rid of Pet Urine Stains

The best way to make sure that urine stains aren’t a problem is to make sure that your pet is properly house trained. However, accidents do happen.

To get rid of pet urine stains that have set in, you need to make a solution of one part vinegar to one part warm water. This solution needs to be applied to the area of the stain. You should let this set for a few moments. Then, you need to blot the wet area with a paper towel. Follow this by sprinkling some baking soda over the area. Let this set for several minutes. After you have spot cleaned the stains, you should vacuum the entire floor.

If the stain is still present after using this method, you can purchase special pet stain spot cleaners from a pet shop. These products are sprayed on, worked into the stain, and then the area is vacuumed.

Some apartments will have extensive staining. In these cases, you will need to rent a carpet cleaner. Give all the carpets in the apartment a thorough cleaning, and leave plenty of time for the carpets to dry. When they are dry, sprinkle a pet odor neutralizer over the carpet and vacuum.

Removing Pet Odors

Dogs and cats that are kept in an apartment can leave odors in the residence even if they have not urinated on the floor. When you have generalized pet odors, you should sprinkle baking soda over all of the carpets and let it set. Then, you need to thoroughly vacuum the area and spray air freshener in the apartment. Also, you should scrub down all the tiled and vinyl flooring in the apartment.

Removing Pet Hair

If you don’t get all the pet hair out of the apartment, you will lose some of your deposit. The first method for removing pet hair is vacuuming. However, this may not be sufficient by itself. Before you vacuum, take a rubber broom and move it back and forth through the carpet. This will dislodge pet hair and allow it to be vacuumed more easily.

By following these steps, you will make the apartment look and smell better. It will go a long way to helping get your deposit returned.

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5 Reasons You Should Purchase Home Insurance When Buying a House

Buying a home is a huge investment, most likely, it’ll be one of the biggest you’ll make in your entire life. That means that once the papers are signed, and you’ve got the keys in your hand, it’s time to shop around for home insurance that will protect your assets. Some mortgage lenders, especially for FHA loans, will most likely include it in their overall price, but if not, look around for some of the best deals you can find.

In case you’re on the fence concerning whether you should buy home insurance or not, here are a few reasons we strongly suggest doing so.

1. It Will Protect You From Thieves

With an estimated 3.7 million homes robbed every year, you stand a good chance of being a victim at some point or another. Provided that thieves infiltrate your home when you’re not there and your family remains safe, they can still make off with several thousand dollars worth of goods. Even if they don’t take anything, the damage done to your door, windows, or other areas can be costly. Homeowners insurance offers protection against all the damages that a home robbery can bring, leaving the only thing you are robbed of is sleep.

2. It May Be Required By Your Lender

You’re not the only person taking a risk on this investment; the institution who loaned you the money also wants to make sure they’re protected as well. As this site points out, some banks or other lenders may not give you a loan unless you can secure homeowner’s insurance.

3. It Can Protect You From Accidents

Hopefully, no one ever is injured as a result from being on your property, but if they are, it may be your responsibility to make sure to pay for any legal and medical bills they can incur. This doesn’t just include accidents inside your home, but property adjacent as well.

4. It Can Protect You From Acts of God

When a tornado or hurricane hits, it can be devastating to your house, incurring thousands of dollars of structural damage, and possibly even a total loss, forcing you to relocate while still paying on a home you no longer occupy. If that’s the case, you can expect a long road to recovery as you fight to rebuild your life, both materially and financially. Homeowner’s insurance protects from you the catastrophes caused by natural disasters so that you can effectively start over without being in too deep of a hole.

5. It Will Give You Peace of Mind

It can be tough to think of buying a home insurance policy when the mortgage and interest rates are on the rise but think about the cost of not paying for one. By foregoing homeowner’s insurance, you are gambling on your safety and that of your family’s, which can leave many sleepless nights, particularly after an accident. If something happens to your home, your priority should be the welfare of your family, not your financial situation, and having a good policy in place makes that a reality.

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Best Austin Moving Companies | Mover Resources and Relocation Guide

Austin, TX is a city of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Nestled in the heart of the Central Texas Hill Country, Texas’ capital city has seen explosive growth in recent decades as the city has transformed into an important economic and cultural hub. Many newcomers arrive in Austin everyday, excited by all this bustling metroplex offers: incredible food, beautiful scenery (just check out Lady Bird Lake!), affordable homes, exciting nightlife, a thriving music scene, and a robust job market. If you’re also considering a move here, brace yourself for a life-changing experience!

While you’re sure to have a great time after you’re arrival, getting moved here and settled in is sure to pose the normal relocation challenges. First, you have to get everything packed up, then loaded onto a moving truck and driven hundreds or thousands of miles to your new Austin home. Even after you’re here, it will likely take you weeks to get unpacked and settled into your new neighborhood. To ease the burden of this stressful time, you might want to hire a local Austin mover to handle your moving and transport logistics. We’ve put together a list of our favorite local movers who also happen to service nationwide/long distance moves. So whether you’re moving here from New York City or the Mid-West, these licensed and insured movers have you covered!

Rocket Movers
8956 Research Blvd #110
Austin, Texas 78758
(512) 215-4493

This Austin moving employs full-time, professional movers to handle your relocation. Their central Austin location makes it easy for them to handle moves across the city and even across the state, to destinations like San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. In business since 1997, this Austin moving and storage company also offers packing and crating services, climate-controlled storage, piano moving, and discounted packing/moving supplies. No matter your moving needs, this Texas mover can make your move seamless.

Apple Moving
9807 Brown Ln
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 452-0399

In business for over 25 years, Apple Moving is one of Austin’s favorite moving companies thanks to their dependable service and transparent pricing. Whether you’re looking for a full-service moving experience, complete with packing/unpacking and furniture reassembly/disassembly, or for hourly moving help, this Central Texas mover can assist with all your moving needs. Voted “Best of Austin” by Austin Chronicle readers, these Austin TX movers are ready to streamline your Austin area move.

Piece by Peace
2407 S Congress Ave, Ste E
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 903-0788

A recent newcomer to the Austin moving industry, Piece by Peace Moving Company was started by a native Texan who is all about elevating the standard of care and service each customer receives. This company offers residential moving services, including condos, apartments, and regular household moves, in addition to packing, storage, and office relocations. Need someone for a long distance haul? Not a problem! This mover is also licensed to handle interstate moves no matter how large or small.

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Houston, TX Moving Resources – Best Local Moving & Storage Companies

If you’re planning a move to the Houston area, we think you’ll be impressed by what this rambling Texas city has to offer. Situated on the Texas coast, Houston is an important U.S. port city, known for strong shipping, oil & gas, healthcare, and aeronautical industries. With a thriving economy, job opportunities in Space City abound, making this a great place for those looking to advance their careers. Houston also boasts a low cost of living, wonderful suburbs, and all the big city amenities you’ve dreamed of including three professional sports team (the MLB’s Astros, the NFL’s Texans, and the NBA’s Rockets), world-class museums, an aquarium, and more. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here in the sprawling Houston city limits.

As you plan your Houston relocation, you might want to call upon the professionals for assistance with your moving logistics. Whether you’re moving from another Texas town or from halfway across the country, using a professional moving company to handle your move will make your transition smoother! Here are a few of the best local companies we recommend:

Cheap Movers Houston
15455 Point NW Blvd #728
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 936-0786

Cheap Movers Houston is all about helping you find savings as big as Texas! The team at Cheap Movers understands that moving is expensive. So if you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash hiring movers, they better be reliable! CM Houston vets local movers, double-checking that they are licensed and insured, then connects customers to see instant moving quotes from the city’s best. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, into an apartment or out of a storage unit, this company makes finding a reputable moving company stress-free.

A-1 Freeman Moving Group
9619 Kirkton Dr
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 940-3643

An agent for North American Van Lines, this Houston moving company has been around for more than a quarter of a century. A-1 Freeman Moving is a full service mover that does it all: residential moves, commercial relocations, furniture disassembly/reassembly, vehicle transport, home and office storage, and more. Over the years, they’ve helped big names like Blue Bell Creameries, Walmart, the OKC Thunder, and the DOD execute huge moving jobs. With ample experience, these professionals are ready to make your next move a breeze.

Pack-It Movers
12805 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77077
(713) 884-0018

This nationwide moving franchise has locations all over the country, including San Diego, Chula, and Portland. Here in Texas, most of their locations are in the Houston area, with services offered in Katy, Spring, Conroe, Pearland, Sugar Land and Houston. To give you the most accurate moving quote possible, Pack-It Movers offers free in-home moving estimates, so there are no surprises about the cost of your move. To get started, simply give this family-owned mover a call!

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