How Agents Use Trending on Facebook and Twitter to Sell Real Estate

How Agents Use Trending on Facebook and Twitter to Sell Real Estate

We all know that social media is playing a huge role in businesses online. We also know that Twitter and Facebook are two of the most widely-used social media sites, so it’s only logical that most major industries would be using them, including real estate sales. If you’re a real estate agent, you might be wondering how other agents are using Facebook and Twitter to sell real estate. Or even if you’re just in the market to buy a new house and are curious, here are a few of the ways that real estate agents use Facebook and Twitter to sell properties.

Engagement is the Key

Like many other industries, being engaged in social media will help get your name out there to people who are looking to buy a house. Real estate agents join groups and advise prospective home buyers. Agents can also share content that they saw on someone else’s site, and they comment to the person who posted the content that they liked it. Real estate agents can also use Twitter’s search function to find people who are looking for a house, and they can then offer advice to the potential homeowner.


Videos of the real estate agent are one way that agents use to show off their personality. So much of selling properties is about the agent’s personality. After all, the homebuyer is making a major purchase, and they want to trust the person who is guiding them. Agents use videos as a way of allowing potential home buyer clients to pre-meet them. Agents also use videos as a way of showing their properties and neighborhoods on Twitter and Facebook.

Specifically On Twitter

The social media platforms all have their specialties and rules of engagement. On Twitter, it’s very possible to do “cold tweets.” You don’t want to spam people because people don’t head to social media to be sold to, but it’s very acceptable to say hello to potential leads. Check out this article on channeling trending Twitter topics for your own use.

Specifically On Facebook

On Facebook, one strategy that real estate agents can use is to ask their existing network for friend referrals. Many people are very willing to give referrals to people they know are looking for a house and representation. Facebook is also a great place for real estate agents to find out more about what people would like to see on a Facebook page for a real estate agent.

Not all real estate agents are using Facebook and Twitter to their full advantage. Real estate agents are known for their adept use of other types of advertising, such as billboards and signs around the neighborhoods in which they sell. Social media, however, is a viable advertising and network-building method.

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