7 Repairs to Consider Making Before Listing Your Home

7 Repairs to Consider Making Before Listing Your Home

Selling your home is not a decision that should be taken lightly. With plenty of challenges to face, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Naturally, you want to get a good price for it. Understandable. However, you also don’t want to overprice the property and discourage potential buyers. The best way to justify a solid price is to make your house as presentable, homely, and spotless as it can be. And to do this, you’ll have to make improvements. But the question is: what repairs are necessary to increase your home’s value? That’s what you’re going to find out in this blog post. Be sure to read until the end!

1. Fix Damaged Flooring

The floor is the most important section of any house. Damaged or outdated floors make it harder to sell a home. They give a bad impression to your buyers, and they discourage them from looking any further.

While the price of repairing this can be pretty heavy on the budget, it also depends on the extent of the damage. So if there are only a few affected sections, you can simply replace some boards with new ones yourself. However, if the entire flooring is compromised, consider hiring experts to fix it. 

It might seem like a daunting move for your bank account, but it’s better than having prospects turn their back away from your home at first glance.

How can you go around the house when the floor isn’t smooth and walkable?

2. Repaint Your Walls

Repainting your walls is probably one of the easiest repairs you can make. It does not cost much (at least compared to fixing your roof or replacing your flooring. However, a simple touch of new paint will give your home a fresh, clean look that potential buyers like to see when they tour the home.

Repainting also allows you to change any colors/colors that may not appeal to everyone (e.g., pink or turquoise). If you want to play the safe side, go for neutral colors for a modernized appeal or warm shades for a rustic ambiance.

3. Repair Your Siding

If there’s one section of your home that’s battered and bruised, it’s got to be the siding. Being exposed to different weather conditions every day, you can only expect the material to sustain damage over the years.

Not only that, but siding is the first thing buyers will see when surveying your home from the outside. You don’t want to scare them away with a faulty exterior, right? That’s why you should take the time to repair your siding by fixing any cracks or dents and painting over any areas that are chipped or faded.¬†

An important thing to remember, though, is that minor fixes are fine. But if the problem is bigger than what you’ve anticipated, don’t hesitate to entrust the job to the professionals (like what you did for the flooring). Oftentimes, paying extra for a refined job is better than spending money every now and then for subpar work that doesn’t last.

What house would look good if the siding isn’t fixed?

4. Fix Broken Doors and Windows

Nobody likes coming home to a broken door. It’s annoying, and most importantly, it’s not safe. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape your house is in when it comes time for you to sell. People won’t even consider buying it if the doors and windows are not functioning properly. Fortunately, DIY repairs don’t cost much. A simple door hinge can be replaced for less than $20. The same goes for windows, although you might have to pay extra if the glass needs fixing. You should also replace chipped frames since they can be an eyesore from afar.

Wouldn’t it look so bad if you listed a house that looks like it has been broken into?

5. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are the bane of homeowners everywhere. It’s the common culprit for many water problems such as moisture damage and mold formation in the ceiling. Fortunately, clogged gutters are easy to fix. You just have to make an effort. Go get a ladder, put on safety work attire, climb your roof, and start removing the debris from the gutter. It would also be a good idea to replace broken seams and holes in your gutter to minimize leakage. Again, when in doubt, call the experts.

It would be really embarrassing if the new homeowners find the gutters clogged.

6. Fix Faulty Plumbing

One leaking faucet is easy to fix and can be done by most homeowners. But flooding and spurting pipes? That’s another story. If your water pressure is down, inspect the aerator for blockages like build-up from hard water deposits or debris that has slipped through the screens into the lines themselves. However, this will require a plumber’s assistance as it involves replacing those parts with new ones if they are defective. To repair flooding in your laundry room, you will need to remove some floorboards and check plumbing connections under sinks, etc., as this may indicate an issue with these pipes beneath them, potentially leading to further damage such as mold.

Faulty plumbing? Gross.

7. Bathroom Makeover

A dirty or faulty bathroom is a huge turn-off to anyone. Make sure to have a thorough clean and fix any issues before listing your home. This is usually the first room people see upon entering, so it’s essential that you don’t leave anything undone or unclean looking!

A quick, easy update that will increase your home’s value can be done by sprucing up the showerhead. If there are soap scum build-ups around the drain, buy some clog remover. A fresh coat of paint on bathroom walls is another simple yet effective change as well. 

The bathroom is one of the refuges in a home.

The Bottom Line

Selling your home is more than just offering a place to live. You also need to offer a comfy place to stay that’ll improve the new owner’s quality of life. So consider getting two or all of the repairs above to be able to hook an excellent price for your home.

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